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Best Source of Calcium Supplement - Coral CalciumBy John Gibb
Coral calcium is gaining widespread popularity nowadays. But what it really is and why is it termed as the best source of calcium supplement? Let’s find out.
Coral calcium is essentially calcium carbonate, a naturally occurring source of calcium carbonate which also contains traces of many other minerals. This type of calcium carbonate is obtained from fossilized coral reefs above sea level in an environmentally friendly manner. Because of this reason, it is free from impurities and provides up to 40% of elementary calcium which can be readily absorbed by the blood stream.
Many companies are using coral calcium to manufacture high quality calcium supplements. These supplements or tablets are effective and provide many long-term health benefits including treatment of depression, PMS, kidney stones, muscle cramps and joint pains. They are also used to overcome severe calcium deficiency and to prevent osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and colon cancer.
Because of the above-mentioned reasons, coral calcium is termed as the best source of calcium supplement. People who have used these supplements have given positive feedback and are completely satisfied with their performance in terms of curing calcium deficiency and providing other benefits.
Among all sources of coral calcium, the one found in Okinawa island of Japan is termed as the most useful source. Okinawa produces marine grade coral calcium, highly pure form of this salt which is now being used in many supplement products. It has a higher absorption and bioavailability rate and also reduces stomach acidity. In addition to this, Okinawan coral calcium contains other minerals, especially magnesium, in just the right quantity.
For people who are already calcium deficient, it is recommended that they start taking vitamin D supplements in addition to good-quality calcium supplements. To find the best source of calcium supplement, do a little research of your own and read user reviews about different supplement products online.
Usually a supplement product which also contains some other minerals and vitamins in addition to a calcium salt are the best ones to buy. They not only help in proper calcium absorption but also provide some of their own benefits in terms of treatment of diseases and nutrient deficiency in the body.
Normally 3-4 tablets a day, 1 after each meal is sufficient to fulfill daily calcium needs. However, calcium deficient people may want to increase this dosage according to the severity of their condition.
For optimal bone and joint health, we have been using a special natural calcium formula and for good reason, this formula is known as Bone Protect. We have personally been using this formula for over 3 years with excellent health results.
You can learn more about our product of choice and why we use this product above all other calcium formulas at optimal bone health
John Gibb is the manager of a series health websites. His latest addition discusses the calcium formula himself and the editors consume. For more information on calcium, coral calcium, and bone health as a whole, be sure to check out http://www.optimal-bone-health.com/
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