Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Land Snail Serum as an Acne Keloid Natural Treatment

There has been recent research recorded (Jan 2008) claiming that the secretions produced by a land snail have skin regeneration properties, as well as contain many antioxidant properties. This study has been published by a Spanish Dermatology journal. This serum produced has also been proven to reduce scar formation. Products have already hit the market containing the snail serum as their active ingredient.
A "keloid" is a raised scar that extends beyond the size of the original wound. They are caused by excessive skin formation. This is caused by the overproduction of collagen due to some traumatic experience your skin has experienced such as a severe case of acne, dermabrasion, chemicals, and laser treatments. This is what we call the wound healing process going bad. The result is the formation of abnormal scars (keloids). These scars may or may not last for years and may or may not be grouped together.
The land snail serum acts to stimulate an orderly repair of the damaged skin cells and quickly replaces them due to its regenerative properties. It removes excess scar tissues, as well as provides a deep moisturization of the skin. It maintains the balance of growth between the connective tissue cells and the skin cells. If the connective tissue cells are growing too fast then a large abnormal scar is formed. So the land snail serum maintains proper balance in the reformation of the cells and the result is a small scar.
If you are maligned with keloids, perhaps you should seek out an acne keloid natural treatment product such as the products that contain land snail serum.
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